A beautiful winters day at Ferry Reserve in Brunswick Heads


What is your favourite season?

Now if you were to ask lots of people what was their favourite season I guess that not too many people would choose winter.  Some would say that winter is too cold and the days are too short.  I like to try and see the positives so yes it may be cold but that means you can wear the socks and sandals (c'mon I know you want to) it also means that you can snuggle and wear those beautiful warm jumpers while sitting drinking a hot chocolate in the sun.  Then there are those yummy winter comfort foods that I love like soups, casseroles and stews, now I am starting to salivate just thinking of them.  I could probably say that I could find something that I love in each of the seasons.  The beautiful flowers in spring, the icecream and beaches in summer and the pretty leaves in autumn.

Coming back to the season we are in now, winter.  I love the beautiful crisp winter days which we have here in Brunswick Heads.  Even though the days are not very long, they can be rather magnificent as you can see by the picture of the blog which was taken today.  The nights can be cold but then thats where those lovely comfort foods come into play.  Not to mention that my birthday is in winter so that is a major drawcard for me too ;)

If it is too cold to camp on the waterfront then consider one of our well appointed cabins which have airconditioning and a heater, all the comforts of home.

Over the winter months we will be having our usual fun times at Ferry with the Brunswick Bowls Festival and lots of live music, pancake breakfasts and BBQs to enjoy the beautiful sunsets which is also another great part of winter.

Come and join us for some winter Ferry fun.  Be good.  Stace xxx

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