Active Waters


The first sighting south of Seal Rocks was last week , they are on the way.

With numbers increasing you are sure to spot these majestic creatures from vantage points all over Forster.

Humpbacks are the most common but you will sight Wright Whales and Pilot Whales with lots of other small Whales in the migration.Ive heard of the number 10,000 mentioned this year.

Mid May to late July will be the movement north. Because the whales sometimes stay futher off shore travelling north your best bet to get up close and personnell is with the Amaroo Cruise. Matt is well educated in the whale department and he and his staff can answer all your questions.

September to late November the migration comes extremely close to the coast line.A few years ago we counted 7 whales plus calves swim into Forster Beach 100m of the beach. Truly amazing. All the headlands along the Forster shoreline will give you outstanding whale watching for weeks. 

If boating over this time be aware, whales need their distance and slow down if you are in their area.

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