Amazing Dog Workshops held at Tuncurry Beach


Kym and her black poodle ‘Hero’ live in Forster, just a hop, skip and jump from NCHP Tuncurry Beach.  ‘Hero’ is almost four years old and got his name because he became a part of Kym’s family on ANZAC Day.


Owner Kym and 'Hero' settling into a behavioural workshop with Chris from SUP DOG OZ at NCHP Tuncurry Beach


Like many loveable poodles, ‘Hero’ is a spirited young thing and really benefitted from the SUP DOG OZ workshop held at NCHP Tuncurry Beach.

As Kym quickly found out from instructor Chris, ‘Hero’ was eager to please and would soon be coming to Kym’s every beck and call…  Hmmm, I wonder if the methods taught could be used on kids.

Owner Kym and 4 year old 'Hero' being put through their paces with Chris from SUP DOG OZ at NCHP Tuncurry Beach


 Chris from SUP DOG OZ watches on to see that 'Hero' has the right moves at NCHP Tuncurry Beach


 'Hero' looking back to see if Chris from SUP DOG OZ means what he says - I think he does.


Owner Kym is delighted to see advice from Chris at SUP DOG OZ works with Hero at NCHP Tuncurry Beach


 Black Poodle 'Hero' from Forster turning to listening to Chris from SUP DOG OZ

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