Camping Tips!


Everyone starts a beginner. Camping can take some getting used to… Here are the hottest tips I’ve learnt from guest campers:

  • Put your tent up before you come, and make sure you have all parts!

This is important, really important. There is nothing worse than setting up the tent and realising its got a huge tear in the seam, or missing a main structure pole! Check before you pack, every time.

  • Self-inflatable mattress NOT air mattress!

Air mattresses are not your friend; an air mattress is full of air (sorry to state the obvious). Your body heat isn’t enough to warm the air inside the mattress; you are guaranteed to be cold throughout the night. Go to a camping store, and get educated about self-inflatable mattresses, there is a huge difference between the two!

  • Splurge on the sleeping bag– it’s important

Being comfortable is very important, especially when in a tent, which is already very different from home. Buy a really good sleeping bag, more often than not; a cheapie sleeping bag won’t make for a warm cosy night. 

  • Clear the ground beneath the tent

Sounds simple I know, but it is important that you get this right. Sticks and stones below your tent can cause damage, lead to leaks if it rains, and bring unwanted dirt through those newly formed holes.


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