East Coast Lows



Estuary:A bit of colour in the system won't do any harm. Luderick and Bream still in numbers but can be patchy day to day.Bream are taking hards and plastics. Some hubcaps amongst them.


Rock: Tailor, Bream, Drummer and Luderick in quantity and quality.A few reports of Kings as well.Seas have been rough so don't take any risks and fish with a mate.Or wear a PFD.


Offshore:Reds still in good numbers but the 8 - 10 kilo models are scarce. Plenty of fish to 3 kilo up north in shallower water than you might expect. Trag are still about as well .North seems to be the direction to travel.


Good Fishing

Limit your catch , don't catch your limit

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This blog post provided by: Forster Beach

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