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Have you ever been sitting relaxing in the beautiful sunshine at a park while thinking gees I would really love to catch up on what is happening in the world.  But not want to look at an ipad, computer or smart phone just doing it good old school style with newspaper!

Well here at Ferry Reserve have the solution for you......

Matt & I are excited to annouce that we are now a sub news agent for the Mullumbimby Newsagency.  So now what does this mean for our wonderful guests??

Every day Mullum Newsagency will be dropping off The Telegraph, Northern Star and the Sydney Herald to the park for our guests to purchase.  Also if there is any particular magazine you want to catch up on then I am sure that we would be able to sort this out for you as well.

We look forward to be able to provide this service to our guests everyday laughing

We hope to see you soon.

Be good, Stace xxx

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