Getting it right!


Getting it right!

A lot of people get a bit nervous when it comes to receiving reviews, usually the first thing that pops in your mind is, OMG is it a good one or a bad one and tend to get a bit nervous when opening it up. We love them here at North Coast Holiday Parks Clarkes Beach, regardless if it’s negative or positive. Negative is good feedback, luckily we are all human, sometimes we tend to  forget things and sometimes mistakes are made, this gives us an opportunity to step back and re-evaluate what we do and how we are doing it. The Positive feedback of course is fantastic it shows that all our hard work is being appreciated; our fantastic staff are great full for the recognition; to the Clarkes Beach team it means we got it right! It means YOU left our beautiful park with a fun, relaxing memorable holiday experience! And that’s what we are all about!

If you’re looking for that perfect getaway and don’t want any nasty surprises check out TripAdvisor, it’s a fantastic way to kick off your travel plans, pointing you to the right direction.

Just a sneak preview on what you can expect at North Coast Holiday Parks Clarkes Beach!

Traveller rating: 

"Best caravan park ever" 
15 Jun 2015  A TripAdvisor Member

My wife and I were allowed to spend the best and most relaxing vacation in this paradise Holliday Park. We had set ourselves the goal of only 3-5 days to stay in one place but if you come to such a perfect location no longer want to leave you. We stayed two weeks. Why do we need yet luxury hotels when it was so clean facilities such as this park. Immersed in nature and yet in one of the most beautiful villages of Australia. Perfect surf spot degrees at the park. I myself have spent the last 12years in Switzerland in the hotel and would never have imagined to do with a camper holiday. But if there are such plants with perfect and very clean showers and toilets. Laundry rooms and kitchenettes. With such equipment you need not even more a Camping car. The first place I've visited a number of where I want to go back for sure and am already looking forward to it. We come back next year. Thanks to the whole team that has welcomed us so warmly. A big thank you also to all the staff you do not see the perfect care for this cleanliness. I can only highly recommend 1000 thanks Ken


Thanks Ken, Team Clarks Beach look forward to welcoming you back on your next visit DOWN UNDER!

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