Holiday fun in Ballina, the list of things to do is HUGE!


  • Go shopping, spend some holiday money!
  • Go whale watching from the North Wall!
  • Go bowling, for some family competition!
  • Go for a drive to Byron Bay!
  • Go to the movies, eat loads of popcorn!
  • Go for a picnic at Pat Morton Lookout!
  • Go for a scenic drive, play I spy!
  • Go take a photo at Ballina’s iconic BIG PRAWN!
  • Go enjoy a pancake breakfast at the Macadamia Castle!
  • Go play Golf, or Foot golf at Teven Valley Golf Course!
  • Go visit some of Ballina’s best beaches!
  • Go to Summerland House Farm for a great day out!
  • Go catch the ferry to South Ballina!
  • Go to Byron Bay Lighthouse, most eastern point in Australia!
  • Go to Ballina Adventure Park, play paintball!
  • Go to Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum and learn something!
  • Go get wet at Ballina Pool and Waterslides!
  • Go investigate the home of Tea Tree at the Thursday Plantation!



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