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Our towns pride and joy comes in the shape of a Prawn! You have just got to go and see the prawn before you leave Ballina these holidays!


Australians will know that there are a large number of “big things” in various towns around our beautiful country. Ballina has the Big Prawn!


The 9 metre Prawn was first built in 1989. Its home was above a West Ballina Fish n Chip shop. In 2009 Ballina Shire Council tragically approved its removal, as the Prawn had definitely seen better days. But locals love their Big Prawn and as a result the Save the Prawn campaign began.


Thankfully Bunnings, who were planning a new warehouse in Ballina decided to bring our Prawn back to life, relocating it to their carpark in 2013, and adding a tail. The restoration cost them $400,000, Prawn lovers believe it was money well spent.


The Big Prawn is still a popular tourist attraction. Visitors will stop to pose for photos with the crustacean, and kiddies are fascinated by it. So before you pack up the kids and wave goodbye to Ballina, go take a picture with the Big Prawn!


Located on River Street, in front of Bunnings warehouse.  






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