Park upgrades - the good and the bad


Here at the park we have been busy bees organising recent park and cabin upgrades. It is always exciting to see changes to the park occur. If any of you follow our Facebook page you will have seen a new amenities block in our River Reserve area. Extra facilities in that area, especially during the busy peak periods will be greatly appreciated by our guests I’m sure. Once we have that block up and running I’ll be posting photos of the inside so you can check it out.


Other cabins upgrades have been a bathroom renovation to our Easy Access (Cabin 20) cabin with a better bench seat in the shower for those wanting to use that and a more suitable basin with better bench space. This cabin will also be getting a dishwasher before the end of this month which is always helpful when on holidays.


Cabin 19 which sleeps 5 people had a deck renovation to give our guests extra space to enjoy the outdoors. We are in the process of purchasing a larger outdoor setting with more seating and next week there will be outdoor blinds installed around the deck to keep away the elements on a windy and rainy day. It is also getting a dish washer too which helps if 5 people are staying in the cabin!


The renovations on cabins 1 and 2 are in the process of being complete with the last stage of a new bathroom being installed. This will make these deluxe cabins all the more luxurious for our guest and provide an even more enjoyable stay. Cabin 2 also has an outdoor deck installed as you can see by the above picture. Some of our other standard cabins will also be getting these new raised outdoor decks.


However, the biggest park upgrade we have on this month is the installation of key pads on all of our laundry and amenities blocks! We are really excited here as we know it will be a big positive for our guests, and for us, knowing that they don’t have to worry about the key staying in their possession until checkout day. But now, each guest will have an individual code, which will be the same as your boomgate code (for those staying in the main area of the park). I guess remembering a 6 digit number might be a down side for the guests cause if they get to the door and forget their code they might be in a bit of trouble!


The downside for us is that we won’t get to interact with our guests upon checkout anymore and ask “How was your stay?”, “We hope you enjoyed your stay and have a safe trip”, “See you next time” etc. Plus, we find that guests are happy to report any issues they had during their stay at departure when they returned their key and we won’t get that extra feedback anymore. That is why we call upon all guests to complete the After Departure Survey that everyone receives the afternoon they leave the park. It is important for us to get this feedback so we can maintain a level of customer service and maintain a certain standard of the park which we feel the guests deserve when staying here in Evans Head.


Now being such a big park this next statement is going to be very hard at times to keep but we are going to try and come and see our departures the day before or the morning of departure to say goodbye, to ask how your stay was and to see if there is any way we can improve your experience. Now obviously on our large check out day when we have up to 60+ leaving on a Sunday morning or 180+ leaving after the Easter long weekend this will be a little hard. But we encourage our guests to still pop in and see us at the office if you come across any maintenance issues, or want to give any constructive comments on how we can improve your next stay.


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