Part 2 of What everyone ought to know about Caravaning and Camping.........


The top 20 things that are a must have in the tool box when travelling are:- 

  1. Hammer
  2. Screwdriver Set
  3. Spanner Set
  4. Socket Set
  5. Wheel Spanners for both the car and van
  6. At least 1 wheel jack, (alot of people recommended 2)
  7. Recvoery Gear, including winch, snatch strap/chain, shovel and vice grips
  8. Gaffa Tape
  9. Jump leads or kit
  10. Silicon Glue/Adhesive/Super Glue
  11. WD 40
  12. Double Sided Mounting Tape
  13. Velcro
  14. Stanley Knife
  15. Hacksaw
  16. Hose Clamps
  17. Cable Ties of various sizes
  18. Spare U Shakles 
  19. Rivot Gun and Pot Rivots
  20. Small Collection of Screws, Nuts, Bolts and Washers.


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