Pool Safety


Whilst for the most part, majority of people follow the rules in and around the pool, the one thing we did notice during the holidays were children swimming in the pool without supervision. This was not always the case but it got us thinking….. Maybe we rely too much on our children’s ability to swim? (after all hundreds and hundreds of dollars have been spent on swimming lessons to enable our children to be confident/independent swimmers).

 When on holidays though, swimming is not in a controlled environment with qualified instructors on hand to assist of needed. There are kids everywhere, jumping in, screaming with joy, playing games (Marco Polo is a favourite cool) and having a blast! This is where adequate supervision is essential-  remember most kiddies are too busy having fun to sometimes remember the basics (yep those basics that you paid for).

Just remember that holidays can be super fun, it’s just up to us as the adults to remember the basics and ensure our children and your whole family have fun and stay safe along the way! laughing

  • Always provide competent adult supervision when the pool is in use.
  • No one should ever swim alone.
  • Caution children against showing off and playing rough and explain the dangers of running and diving recklessly.
  • Never push others into the pool.
  • Never swim after drinking alcoholic beverages, eating or taking medications.
  • Before diving or sliding, check to be sure that other swimmers are out of the way.
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