The kids are back in town!


We are ready and rearing to go here at Evans Head Holiday Park for the arrival of all of our September holiday guests.  It isn’t often that I am super organised prior to a large arrival day or a holiday period however this year I am all over it. 


We already have our free holiday activity sheets ready in each of our guest packs on arrival.  The kids will be receiving their activity packs as well to hopefully give mum and dad some peace and quiet while they set up.  I have the activity information sheets around the park in our frames by each of the amenities doors and have already chosen what movies we’ll be showing.  Plus we have listed information on our very popular Circus Workshop which is in the second half of the holidays.


The pedal carts have been serviced and ready for hire.  Anyone friends to our Facebook page will have seen all the cabin upgrades so I am a very happy vegemite that all the new stock arrived before the holidays.  The drinks and goodies machine in the camp kitchen is fully stocked and ready to serve.  And I also posted some pics today of our immaculate grounds.  The boys here have really done a great job getting it ready, despite the bit of rain and wind we had last night!


Since Easter earlier this year we don't get a lot of tents being set up in the park as the majority of our guests are our winter grey nomads from down south.  So when all the caravans have gone (and don't get me wrong, I'm very sad to see our oldies leave as they all have such a great time here) it is great to see tents and camper trailers scattered all over the park again. 


So to everyone staying in the park over the holiday period, welcome if you are first timers, we hope you enjoy your stay.  Welcome back if you’ve been before and lets all talk to the weather gods and do a sunshine dance to keep everyone happy!   

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