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Evans Head was host to Crankfest yesterday , the annual event to celebrate youth culture and art.  Organisers, stall holders and all those that attended would have been very happy with the weather as there was no rain at all, which we can’t say about the previous days leading up to the event.  We have a few guests that stay at the park to attend the event and it just keeps getting bigger and better each year.


And that got me thinking about other upcoming events we have in Evans Head that others may like to come along for a weekend….or why not a week away to enjoy the event and all the other great things on offer here.


Another of our bigger events in Evans Head is the Beef Meets Reef Festival which is held this year on 22 May.  I blogged about last years event if you want to check out further information.  It is a great family day and it is set to be another one worth attending this year.  The theme for the event is “Around the World” which gives everyone so many options with regards to the creativity of their floats and stalls.  You’ll find everything set up down the main street which is closed off for the majority of the day and behind the shops on Oak Lane and our “Cricket Pitch” area across from the RSL Club.  Well worth a weekend away, especially for the families. 


This July is the 21st Annual Evans Head Fishing Classic draws fishing lovers from near and far. It is held from 8-15 July.  The RSL river foreshore area is packed after each day as nightly prizes are drawn throughout the competition.  We have plenty of contestants that stay in the park in our River Reserve area for the 8 nights of the classic as no one wants to go home early and miss the chance of winning the major prize drawn on the last evening. 


A great event for our bowling fanatics is the Evans Head Seafood Bowling Carnival which is held this year from 1-5 August.  The cost of this event is approximately $20 per day which includes entry, morning tea, lunch and high tea.  All of our winter guests love this event…not only for the bowling but the social aspect as well. 


So in the upcoming months there are a few events which cover all bases for young and old.  Please contact us if you would like to book and stay during these events. 

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