What everybody ought to know about caravaning and camping for beginners.


What to take - Besides your better half, you are going to need a few more essentials……..

So here is a short list of the No 1 essentials


  1. your shelter comes first, a roof over head in the No 1 aspect of your new adventure.
  2. how to get there - car, hike, bike or camel

Its all in fun but safety is serious business.

  1. do a safety check on your van/tent. Make sure that it gives you the shelter that you need, waterproof etc and that it is fit to travel. 
  2. don’t forget the first aid kit, appropriate clothing, sun smart items including hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and maybe even a brolly.
  3. if you are hiking/cycling or camel riding you will need comfortable supportive shoes that were designed for walking. Even if you are caravaning a good strong pair of walking shoes is also a must for those day adventures.
  4. fresh water storage is a must for those off road or "free camping" adventures. You can pick up a number of different options from your local camping/outdoor stores.
  5. as important as fresh water is, of course so is being able to rid yourself of the waste water that you use. Be mindful of the regulations of waste removal and disposal and please care for the environment while disposing anything foreign to your location.
  6. you can never be too prepared and carrying a tool kit with you is definitely a must. Now a tool kit could hold any number of items, however, we will cover your tool kit essentials in next weeks blog......
  7. If you are able to carry a portable loo with you, or have a toilet in your van, toilet chemicals is a must, you can get a range of different types, including more eco friendly brands. So shop around to find the best one for both you and the environment.
  8. wheel chocks and leveling blocks are a must for all caravaners, remember safety is a must!! Dont forget the spare wheels for both the car and the van. 
  9. spare gerry cans for your extra petrol or diesel, in case your running a bit low and the next petrol station is a little too far away.
  10. my last tip for the week is something that you don't necessarily take with you but I do beleive it is a definite must........ Before you start your trip and regularly throughout your journey keep a family member or friend aware of your movements. Give them approximate arrival dates and time frames, so if by chance something doesn't go to plan someone will know where you are and send help if needed. This is especially important when off-roading or trekking through National Parks.

I hope my little list has given you a quick starting guide to planning your new adventure. Happy travels and we hope to see you along the way!

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