“You’ll love it, it’s spectacular”


I remember the first time I went whale watching. I was 8, Mum dragged me along… I wasn’t all that interested to be honest; I didn’t think we would spot anything. “You’ll love it, it’s spectacular” she said. I sat on a rock and I waited, bored, wanting to go home. I was just about to give in and then I saw my first whale. When it jumped out of the water, it gave me a fright! I didn’t expect it to come so close. It was a female I’m sure, because the next whale we saw was much smaller, keeping close to Mum the calf showed off, breaching and twirling. For ten minutes we watched them play. I’ve been a whale watching lover ever since.

Our Ballina to Byron coast is the perfect location to see whales passing. As they head further north in search of warmer waters for breeding they’ll tend to stay further away from the shore, but on the way back home again, as they head south, they’ll come far closer to play. Shaws Bay guests are lucky enough to be just a few minutes walk away from one of the best whale watching points in the area, the Ballina North Wall.

What are you waiting for? Book a weekend away and come watch whales with me!


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