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A run down on what's biting.


Luderick are about. You will find them in the paddock and most other lower leases.  Bring some weed with you, not along the wall yet but they will school up soon. Bream are still plentiful with some great fish pushing the 40cm mark. Leases opposite Barclay Sheds are on fire during late afternoon fishing light with mullet gut & small hard bodies are aslo catching fish.



Reefs north are fishing well with Reds up to 5kg coming out of 30m of water. Cool mornings but quality fish on offer. Flathead in numbers over the gravel and Trag on the chew at night.

Don't go for a swim around Snapper Rock, big White caught on a camera a day or so ago, it developed a liking to Shanes motor leg (FREYA) & snapping off a trim tab on another smaller boat. The big fella was following schools of Bonito snacking from time to time.

You can see the footage on our Facebook site or Shane Crockets YOUTUBE. A big beautiful animal which demands respect and afraid of nothing, great to see them around. A true indication of a healthy ocean - Just don't come any closer to the shore.



Plenty of Tailor and Salmon off the beaches. Fish to 68cm recorded, best time early morning or late afternoon on most larger beaches.


Get out there and have a go, you just might get a fish of a lifetime.


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