Tropical Fruit World


Tropical Fruit World is a successful tourist attraction and commercial farming operation distributing quality tropical fruit produce to interstate markets across the country.  Avocados, sapotes, annonas, bananas carambola and pitaya are among these crops.

Have you ever tasted a cheese fruit?  How about a caramel fruit, champagne fruit or ice-cream bean?

No matter what the time of year,  there is always an amazing variety of fruits in season to sample at one of our Fruit Tasting sessions.  Be adventurous and you’ll discover fruit flavours you never knew existed. Sweet, sour, creamy or juicy – nature has created a smorgasbord of fruits for you to try with the encouragement of our friendly and knowledgeable presenters.  

During your half hour Fruit Tasting session -

  • Taste fresh seasonal fruits
  • Learn about the uses, origins and health benefits of different fruits    
  • Find tips on new ways to serve old favourites like avocados and bananas
  • Sample some of the delicious jams, sauces and healthy products we can make with our fruits, too
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