The Sam Project at North Coast Holiday Parks Seal Rocks


'The Sam Project' is husband and wife team Scott and Florence who are travelling around Australia with their mobile cafe trailer to bring an awareness and understanding of mental illness.

Read what happened when The Same Project came to Seal Rocks....

"Quite an extraordinary morning in Seal Rocks for the Sam Project today!
Seal Rocks is a beautiful tiny sleepy town on the Eastern coast that has not changed much in the last 30 years.
We didn't expect to see many people; yet, our little cafe was buzzing with conversations as surfers, caravaners and road workers were popping out of nowhere, happily chatting to each other despite the rain. We met close to 100 people (more than the town's population!) but were very touched with this specific story and wanted to share it with you. At some stage in his life, this man had been suffering severe depression to a point of considering suicide. However he had daughters and the thing that stopped him is when he read that children of people who commit suicide are more likely to commit suicide themselves and have higher risks of major psychiatric disorders. This was the catalyst for change and he now lives a full and happy life. This man had not shared this with his daughters but felt comfortable to share this with us in this environment, for which we are so grateful. He was kind enough to comment on the merit of our initiative to help break the stigma and start conversations.
So thank you for your courage Mister Stranger, you never know who else this could help. #peopleneedpeople Vittoriacoffee Paulsmilk Black Dog Institute"

If you see them around please support their worthy cause!

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