Keeping warm when camping in winter!


The camping trip is enjoyable until you really start to feel the cold, and the rain starts belting down on the roof of the tent… Here are my tips to handle the worst…

First of all, let’s tackle the cold!


Hot water bottles. Cheap enough to buy, all you need to do is boil some water. Conveniently here at Shaws Bay we have a camp kitchen with a kettle for you to use! Fill up the hot water bottles pop them in each bed an hour or so before you get in.

Wear socks and wear a beanie. If your feet are warm, you’ll be warm. As for the beanie; wearing this will prevent warmth from your body escaping through your head.


Now let’s tackle the rain!


It is handy to always bring additional tarps on a camping trip. Most tents these days have adequate cover, plus an awning so that the entrance to your tent is protected, but extra tarps can make a campsite far more waterproof.

  • Set additional tarps up over your tent so that you have another barrier between the rain and you.
  • Use the tarps to extend your awning. Therefore extending the amount of outdoor space you can use during the rain.

A very important rule: Keep bedding, bags and other belongings away from the edge of the tent as those items can become damp and cold, not good..


Rain and cold nights are always inconvenient, but it can be survived!


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