Visit Killen Falls..


Killen Falls, not as scary as it sounds… Its a great place to explore

Killen Falls sounds a little creepy I know... But trust me; this place is paradise.

Killen Falls is hidden away in Tintenbar, just a 15 minute drive from us here in Ballina. This beautiful setting is worth sharing, it is one of my favourite places to both relax and explore.

The first time I went to Killen Falls I was with a group of friends. We had heard about the place through Instagram, a little exploring of the Tintenbar hashtag showed us amazing photos of this tranquil setting. We had to check it out.

A short 8 minute walk down the bush track will get you into the top of the waterfall, where you can look down into the basin. Follow the natural walking trail for a further 5 minutes (be careful, it is a little rough in some parts) and you’ll slowly descend into the falls. A small amount of rock hopping will lead you over the creek and into the base of Killen Falls.

Enjoy it. You can swim with the fish and turtles, (though it’s not too deep). You can sit in the cave behind the waterfall itself, hang out with the bats for a while; they won’t disturb you if you don’t disturb them. 

Take a few photos, relax and listen to the sound of flowing water...

So if you love chasing waterfalls, and haven't set seen Killen Falls, I suggest you give us a call, make a booking and come stay with us these school holidays so you can go check this paradise out.. 


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