1 Year of being Pet Friendly!


One year ago today, our park became Pet Friendly, and we’ve loved the change!


To make sure that everyone could enjoy our park, regardless of pets or not, we have been sure to set a few basic rules for the pets. These include limiting unneeded barking, keeping pets on a leash, and ensuring that their mess is cleaned and disposed of correctly.


Sure, we do get the occasional dog owner who hasn’t followed the rules, making the experience of a pet friendly park less appealing, but for the most part, pet owners have been wonderful.


We’ve seen little dogs come through in handbags, we’ve seen lap dogs who just want to snuggle, we’ve seen dogs bred for racing and we’ve seen big beautiful “beasts”.


The dogs are enjoying their holidays thanks to our onsite dog bath, and the nearby pet friendly beaches and walking areas. 


It has been a wonderful year with lots of unconditional love which pets can provide, and we are proud to have added Pet Friendly to our list of Park positives!


We welcome pets on any of our powered and unpowered sites and we also have a pet friendly cabin for those travelling without their caravan, motorhome or tent. Please keep in mind that we are only pet friendly during off peak and shoulder seasons, and it is always reccomended that you confirm your pets attendance with the friendly staff in our office prior to arrival. 


Please contact us if you would like to stay with your pet, we cannot wait to hear from you!



Phone 02 6686 2326 



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