Be kind...I'm new to this!


I would be lying if I told you this is my first blog. Adrian and I travelled around Europe for 3 months in our motorhome after we were married and we blogged to rub it in to friends and family just how much fun we were having. They had to read it if they wanted to know we were safe and where we were and I wasn’t too fused if they didn’t like what I was writing. It helped us remember all the places we had been and what we loved about those places and countries.


But now that I am writing on behalf of the park to my park guests I am finding it a bit intimidating as I hope you’ll all get something out of it and don’t find them too boring. I don’t make out to be an overly funny person but I hope that what we write here is of value to someone.


If anything, it will help me remember what has happened throughout the year as we are always getting guest ask “What was the weather like this time last year?” “We had friends stay her back in June and there was an event at the Bowling Club. Do you know what it was?”. Many of our elderly guests always comment that the reason they forget is because of their age. I ask them… “Then what is my excuse for forgetting things?”. I’ll blame my 2 year old wearing me out but now I’ll have our blog to help me out I’ll be right. Enjoy. Casey

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