Camping with kids!


Since we travelled around Australia many years ago camping has always been our holiday of choice. The wide open spaces, visiting new areas for the first time, making new friends with other campers let's face it nothing else compares!

Now that we are now a family of four things have changed dramatically!

Pre-kids camping checklist; tent, sleeping bags, toilet paper, water, food matches (yes it was that simple back then).

With kids; tents, sleeping bags, blankies, special pillow, favourite pjs, white noise machine, battery operated fan, nightlight, 6 packs of baby wipes, sunblock, repellent, stack of bedtime stories, Shopkins, Lego, dolls, toy cars, puzzles, 4 changes of clothes, esky full of milk and juice, Nutella, tomato sauce, 3 kinds of bread, crate of snacks, emergency pull-up nappies, thermometer, first aid kit, folding chairs, Nanna if she is available to help, beverages (not going to say what kind) and a truck load of patience.

We wouldn't be without the little tackers and we love to camp so if you have young children and haven't taken them camping arm yourself with a good checklist (a checklist for your checklist) and get out there!


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