Day 1 of the Brunswick Heads Bowls Carnival


Ferry Reserve, Massy Greene and Terrace Reserve faced off on Saturday for the first game of the three weekend series of the Brunswick Heads Bowls Carnival.  Just over 50 bowlers from all three parks and some of the Bruns locals all banded together to play 18 ends of lawn bowls.  All of the bowlers and participants on the day had a great time spending time together having a few drinks, sledging each other of yeah and of course playing some great ends of bowls.

Ferry's manager Matt lead our team of 15 players and we just came short of going away with the win from week 1.

The scores after the first days play were Terrace Reserve 110, Ferry Reserve 105 and Massy Greene 69.  A big thank you to all of our wonderful guests who played on the day.

After the game everyone met up at Ferry Reserve where Matt & I played hosts to everyone with a BBQ and live music.  We had between 80-90 people who attended and everyone enjoyed their share of 20kg sausages, 6kg onions and 10 loaves of bread.  The rock and roll show was fantastic as usual and had people up and dancing all throughout the night.  Not to forget a big shout and thank you to Nick, Di and Karen for the help cooking the BBQ for the masses!

We still have sites and cabins available for the next two Saturdays so give us a call and book in to play with one of the parks and have fun playing bowls with lots of great people.  Jump over to our facebook page to see some more pictures of everyone dancing and being merry at the BBQ listening to the show.

We hope to see you over the next couple of weeks to help Ferry Reserve retain the trophy :).  Be good, Stace xxx

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