Dyed Sea Shells


Dyed Sea Shells

Or how to get more out of your sea shell crafts


We’ve all been there. Exactly what do we do with the beautiful beach treasures the kids insist on bringing home with us from holidays? I say kids, because there is no way of owing up to my collection shells, driftwood and various other beach treasures I’ve collected over the years. But seriously, there are only so many shell picture frames you can have in the house! Ask me. I know! Again … kids.


But what if there was a simple way to put a spin on your next shell picture frame, shell wind catcher or shell angel? AND it kept the kids OCCUPIED on the next rainy afternoon? Yep, it can be messy, but you know the rule, fun to be had is directly proportional to the mess it produces. And did I mention, it’s simple?


You’ll need:

  • White shells
  • Food colouring
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Toothpicks
  • Small glass bowls




Mix 1 part of water to 4 parts of vinegar in the glass bowls. Add different amounts of food colouring to these bowls (instructions on amounts to use can be found on food colouring bottles). Use the toothpicks to blend your colour bowls. Drop a few shells into each one and stir again, using the toothpicks. Wait 10 minutes (don’t leave the shells in too long, or the vinegar can eat at them). Remove the shells and lay them out on kitchen paper to dry.


Voila! Beautifully pastel coloured sea shells for you to use in other craft projects. Or … you can give them to the kids to use. Of course!


(The dyed sea shells idea has been inspired by the amazing Rainy Day Mum.)

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