Follow the fairies on the Brunswick Heads Fairy trail!


The Brunswick Heads “simple pleasures” motto is personified even for children with the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail.

 Follow the special Fairy Trail map to discover lots of little fairy houses tucked in interesting locations. They are not placed in obvious places so the surprise and joy in discovering them is heightened. There is a map available at The Visitors Centre to guide you to explore the Fairy Trail.  This is a delightful and FREE activity for the whole family.

The fairy houses are beautiful sculptures made of recycled and found objects and each fairy house is occupied by a fairy that carries a positive message about living simply, being kind, being loving, and protecting nature. There are small signs next to the fairy dwellings that carry the positive messages.

If your short on time, duck into the post office to see their display and set off the imagination!

Or if you haven’t arrived in Bruns yet, you can follow the Brunswick Fairy Trail on Facebook @brunzfairies to start getting prepared!


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