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Over the long weekend, Adrian and I worked at the Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show to promote our amazing group of holiday parks.  We now have 34 parks you can choose from and many people were surprised that we have so many inland parks as well.  Many people don’t like working at the shows but personally I really like having the opportunity to speak with the caravanning and camping crowd plus we get to brag about how wonderful our own park is.  I also find that at each show we work at I always come home with a handy tip that will benefit our guests more and always have me thinking on ways we can improve the park.    


I heard that the numbers at the show were down from previous years and it got me thinking why?  There were a lot of the grey nomads getting around, some families with younger children but not many younger couples.  Do the younger ones these days not bother going to camping shows as they probably prefer to do all of their shopping online?   We still get plenty of young couples staying in the park and perhaps it is still a case of being time poor and can’t get to the shows. 


As you can see from the picture, we had our little furry friend with us letting everyone know Evans Head is now pet friendly.  To be totally honest, at first I was dead against having pets stay in our park.  I am not a dog lover…well when I say that I should say that I don’t mind dogs but as long as I don’t own one! (much to Adrian’s disappointment)  But after a bit of convincing I came around and I now really enjoying seeing some of our guests enjoying their time with their “kids”.  We received a really great response from those that travel with dogs and many that had been to our park before were very happy to hear that we now accept pets. 


The Brisbane show will probably be the only show we attend this year but there are many others around Australia that Reflections Holiday Parks North Coast will be visiting so be sure to say hi if you see our stand.  

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