I blame my brother!


Casey usually posts on the blog but I have been dropped in this week due to an unusual event that will be happening this Sunday August 2nd at 6pm, but we have to start at the beginning.


Television and game shows are not something I would normally watch, or even dream of participating in. I blame my brother for secretly applying to appear on the popular family game show, Family Feud. I only found out about our audition when Scott rang me and told me we had to be in Brisbane to audition for the show. I remember thinking he was crazy, but the times worked for all four of us, my two brothers and my cousin and I, so we attended auditions in June.


The first session of the audition went well until Scotty, the team captain mind you, made a quip about slipping the producer $50 which was received less than pleasantly. She went so far as to tell Scott that he had crossed the line and we left with our tails between our legs not expecting a call back for the afternoon session. The four boys spent the morning trying to think of ways to convince our wives that we were busy all day, even though we failed in the auditions and we were three pints in (it was midday somewhere!) when we actually got a call for the afternoon session.

The pints must have helped as we went really well in the afternoon session and even had three other families come up to us with congratulations on how entertaining we were. We got a call a few days later with advice that we were successful and we were flown to Melbourne for screening on 6th July. The rest, as they say, is history and the blog will have to stop here as due to confidentiality agreements I cannot comment on the actual show until after it screens. So again I blame my brother for what I thought would be embarrassing but what actually turned out to be such a fun experience that my face was sore from smiling and laughing. I hope you think the same when you watch us on Channel 10, 6pm Sunday 2nd August.


P.S. - Check out our Facebook page for competitions for the event. We will be having a screening in the camp kitchen with gold coin donation ‘sausage sizzle’ with the proceeds going to Warming Beautiful Souls, who put smiles on children’s faces via donations of items to children’s wards in hospitals all over Australia.

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