Let's go Whale Watching


Reflections Holiday Parks Bonny Hills are delighted to have one of the most spectacular vantage points on the NSW Coast to view these majestic creatures, and all from your very own camp site or cabin deck.


Every year throughout May and July around 16,000 Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales leave their feeding ground in Antarctica and make their way north to tropical waters which become their winter feeding and breeding grounds. They then make their return trip around September through to November.


As they travel past our wonderful coast line most will come within 3 km off shore. Late morning and early afternoon are good times of the day to be out whale watching, as the glare off the water doesn’t make sighting the tell-tale ‘blow’ too difficult. 


Another great way to experience these magnificent creatures is on a whale watching cruise. Departing Port Macquarie frequently during the season, these cruises will almost guarantee you an up front and personal experience in a safe and comfortable environment.


 If you have your own vessel and decide to venture out on your own then please be aware that research has shown that whales are highly sensitive to engine noises and that during the mating season, males competing for females may engage in rough physical contact.


Whales are protected animals, and if you go out on the water, you should follow the regulations for whale watching. They’ve been designed to make whale watching enjoyable and safe, without interference to the whales.


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