Park Activities...what do my guests want?


During the year we like to host a variety of free activities for our park guests.  We host activities for the kids in the school holiday periods, we host charity days for guests to come along and support worthy causes.  At the moment though I am trying to arrange some activities for our long term winter guests. But for some reason one of our activities, the movie afternoons, haven’t been very well received. 


The picture attached to this blog is of me sitting up in our camp kitchen one Thursday afternoon when we were hosting our movie afternoon.  We have had 2 of these afternoons now and not one person has come along.  I don’t know whether it was because I have a poor choice in movies, because it is on the wrong day or wrong time (golf and bowls and bingo are hard to compete with) or maybe the sun was shining that afternoon and people wanted to get out and enjoy it.  If that is the case and the sun was out then I don’t blame them…take this beautiful winter sun when you can get it.    


Now I am not one to give up so we are hosting another session this Thursday.  However this time I am going to scoot around on my little golf buggy and announce the movie afternoon like a Town Crier would.  Loud and proud!  I have chosen The Notebook and those that know it will understand why I said on our park notice “bring the tissues ladies”.    


Next week we are also hosting an afternoon of good old fashioned board games and card games.  Next month we’ll be having our first Trivia night and we’ll also be hosting a State of Origin final in the Camp Kitchen for all of our Rugby lovers.  Me, I’m an AFL girl so I might skip that one!  I am always open to suggestions of other activities you would like to see at the park so please, send me an email or just pick up the phone and give me a call if you have a great idea that everyone would love. 

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