Plan your camping trip around the 'Full Moon'


Leave you tellie, phone, tablet, laptop at home pack up the car and bring the kids camping when the moon is at its fullest. Living in the suburbs you don't often realise the abundance of stars hidden by the metropolitan skyscape, light pollution can suffocate the most amazing starlit sky. Pack up the camping gear, head out of town and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking night sky. The lighthouse at Seal Rocks is also a spectacle to behold at night.

You can even turn the trip into an astronomy lesson for the kids; finding constellations and planets, labelling stars, discussing the different phases of the moon, we all know they love any reason to stay up late!

It is a full moon tonight, the next full moon is April the 11th and the one after that May the 11th.

The night sky is an amazing thing, so get your head away from the screen, come camping and marvel at the night sky!

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