Plastic Pollution Crusader at Seal Rocks


"Walk Away Dave" is a modern day crusader against plastic pollution.

He is a Lennox Head local who often stays in our park, every year he walks the beaches and collects rubbish to care for our environment. Dave also visits the local schools spreading his message to the next generation, so next time you are out and about enjoying what nature has to offer take special care in leaving only footprints.

Here is a post off Dave's Facebook page.....

"I feel so happy for what I've achieved. It's hard to believe I've spent 1year alone in the wild in the past 4years picking up after others :) I never dreamed Walk Away would make such an impact on people's lives, I just wanted to do something rather than complain or ignore the problems concerning our mother ocean. It's not over yet today I will speak at Bungwahl Primary to say thank u to all the local kids that have helped me. Even yesterday I had kids running to me on the beach with handfuls of rubbish saying ' look what we found!' I'm truly proud of all these kids and will definitely bring tears to my eyes as I leave the national park to head home later today but these tears will be of happiness as our mother ocean is now in good hands :)
Peace love n WalkAwayDave"


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