Please help our wildlife stay wild


Picture this….a lady is sitting on a bench seat in a very busy public area (Sydney Harbour) enjoying her lunch.  Some lovely tourists come along and want to take a photo of their group feeding the seagulls as they are amazed at how many birds there are.  So they bring out some hot chips and as you can image the birds practically attack this woman who has the hot chips and in the process endanger the poor lady enjoying her lunch of getting pooped on!


Luckily we haven’t come that close with animals in the park however of late we have had problems with bush turkeys.  Many people staying in the park like the fact that they are quite friendly and will go to great lengths to gain your trust and then BAM!  When you’re not at your site they pick through any food left out and any rubbish scraps and make your lovely site into a garbage dump. 


I did an Outdoor Education class in high school and learnt not to tamper at all with the wildlife.  If a guest continues to feed any type of bird in the park for the duration of their stay then the birds will continue to go back to that site and look for food from the next person staying on site.  If we feed the birds for too long they loose their natural instincts to find their own food themselves.


So for the safety of our wildlife and the cleanliness of our park, please do not feed the birds or any other animals in the park.  It might just save you turning into the lady that nearly got pooped on! 

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