Proud owners of a caravan!


Adrian and I have always been interested in camping of some form, maybe that is why we now manage a holiday park.  Who knows?  We had our own motorhome when we lived in London and did a 4 month tour of Europe and loved it.  Now you would think that being the Manager of holiday parks for the last 5.5 years I would have a bit of knowledge about caravans….wrong!  I don’t know much about them at all.  However I am willing to learn so we purchased a caravan a few months ago. 


Some of you may remember Leish and Mark who worked at our park in 2013/2014.  They now manage the Coffs Harbour park so we thought it was fitting to have our first caravan experience there.  Plus they are family so it came in very handy when I realised I’d forgotten to pack certain things.  Just pillows and Harley’s bed rail so he didn’t fall out!  Nothing important really!  The park was lovely.  Amenities really clean and even had music playing while you showered.  The unpowered areas were beautiful amongst the trees.  Plus it was a really short walk into town.  When we were ready to leave I told Adrian I was going to check on Harley who was in the office with his aunty.  He looked at me strangely and reminded me that he needed some help in lining up the van with the car so he could hook up.  Me…I didn’t even think of that!    


This past weekend we decided to try again and venture in the opposite direction.  All the way to Ballina!  Some people scoff when we tell them we’re only travelling 30 minutes down the road but it was perfect.  We had a great slab site with spectacular views of the river and out to the ocean.  It is just a short walk (less than 1000 steps as told to me by my phone app) over the bridge to the playground and skate park.  The Shawsy had live music on Friday night but we couldn’t even hear it from our site.  It is a very quiet in the park, hardly any vehicle traffic as I think people just loved to sit at their van and enjoy the views or enjoy the walk out along the rock wall where we saw dolphins!


So next time you come into the office and mention you are having trouble hooking up your van and checking out by 10am, I hope to be a little more sympathetic as soon I might be able to say “been there done that!”.     

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