They have turned up in numbers


Estuary: Luderick have enetered the system and a taking a variety of baits and immitations.Great fish to 42cm and fat close to the racks and stcks of them. No better feeling than seeing that floatbeing plaed with then a solid down.Bent rods and full power neede to turn some of these Bronzies.

Flathead still being caught on plastics with good fish amongst them

Bream in the shallows over weed beds and structure. 

Muddies in abundance further up the system


Beaches: Bream can be found in schools on southern beaches.Natural baits are a standout.

Tailor thick on some locations with the south end of 7 mile a favourite. Metal lures doing the damage.

A few Jews around  a slab or full live Tailor will do the job


Rocks:Drummer , Tailor a few kings of most headlands.Southern Points seem to be the pick.

Offshore: Snapper in the shallows on bait, some plastics doing the damage . Trag on some of the deeper reefswith the odd king thrown in to keep you honest

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