Time flies when you're having fun!


So 1 July marked 4 years for us here at Evans Head.  Time goes quickly when you’re having fun!?! 


I don’t know if some of you are aware but the first ever park we managed was Reflections Holiday Park Urunga.  We started there 7 December 2009 and were thrown right into it, as you can imagine, just before the busy Christmas time.  Being our first park we had no idea what to expect.  So when we decided to manage Silver Sands we thought we had enough experience to handle a larger park.  We knew what to expect, we’d dealt with nearly everything there was to deal with.  WRONG! 


I still remember thinking…is it too late to quit?  Can we just go back to our quiet little park in Urunga?  By the time we left Urunga we had everything under control so to come to a larger park and start from scratch again was a huge change.  We thought we were busy back in December 2009 but we were very mistaken.  We hit the ground here running here in July 2011 and I don’t think we stopped until maybe February 2012!  I shouldn’t really say stopped, perhaps slowed down is a better term.  Looking back now I am very grateful we hadn’t started our family yet cause I would not have gotten through a new park and motherhood at the same time.


We are very happy that we made the move to Evans Head though.  It is a great little town, closer to the Gold Coast and Brisbane than Urunga was.  The beach and river are spectacular.  I go back to Brisbane now and wonder how I ever coped with the traffic! 


So, where will we be in the next 4 years?  The world is your oyster in an industry like this one…but hopefully we’ll still be around to check everyone in to the lovely Evans Head Holiday Park.    

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