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I live here, I work here, I spend all my time here and I absolutely love this place. This area is packed with things to do, there is so much to be seen and explored around our Holiday Park. If your kids love being outdoors, exploring new places and finding new adventures daily, then Shaws Bay is the place to be.

Within walking distance we have:

  • The North Wall for dolphin watching (every time I go, I see the resident dolphins)
  • Lighthouse Beach: the perfect spot for beach cricket (mum and dad can watch from the balcony of Lighthouse Beach Cafe whilst enjoying an amazing meal or coffee)
  • Shaws Bay to practise your skills with the Stand-up Paddle Board or kayak, or just for a casual float 
  • North Creek for playing in the shallows, perfect for the little ones, or those learning to swim
  • Pop Dension park for a family picnic, the best spot for meeting other families and making holiday friends

And we cant forget the abundance of bike or walking tracks which will take you to new places and plenty of spots to go fishing!

We have also planned an awesome event on Saturday 3rd October, Sand Art. It’s a regular holiday activity here at Shaws Bay and the kids love it. Best of all it is FREE, but bookings are essential so make sure you mention that the kids can’t wait to participate upon check-in so we can put them on the list!

We are really looking forward to welcoming all the travellers we have staying with us these school holidays, will you be one? Call us on 02 6686 2326 and make a booking before its too late.


*Photo is taken on one of the beautiful path walks around the North Creek, which is just 3 minutes walk from the park. 

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