Estuary: Great weather for the start of Spring.Great fishing continues with the Flathead really starting to get active with Whiting also on the bite. Bream continue to be targeted with some quality fish amongst them.Luderick patchy but when you find them they are thick.


Rocks: Drummer Tailor and Bream the major scores of the stones.Some Kings south of town .Luderick also on the bight with bigger fish turning up over the last couple of weeeks.

Offshore: Snapper Snapper Snapper everywhere.20m to 45m you should find themNorth is the place to go.Some fsh in excess of 10 kilo.The time is right for that trophy fish.We had two whales swim under the boat Thursday just to surface 10 feet from us.Keep an eye out they are big units and CAN collide with vessels.Wider boats have been met withstrong currents.

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