Winter Fun at Ferry Reserve


During the winter months Matt & I will be holding lots of fun events at Ferry Reserve to tantalise your tastebuds and to stimulate your fun valves!  This is a list of what we have set in stone, knowing us we will throw in much more as well so keep your eyes on our event calendar and our facebook page for what is coming up.  Di & I will be holding our very popular pancake breakfasts every (yes you read right EVERY) Tuesday morning.  As previous guests know the pancakes are made from scratch with my special recipe with a dash of love for you all.  We have never had anyone leave without a full belly and everyone who tastes them absolutely loves them!  We will be trialling bingo in the park as well so please join us for lots of fun in winter.  We still have plenty of sites available and cabins for different days so give us a call and book one now!  C'mon we dare you.  We really hope to see you soon :) Be good, Stace xxx

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