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Luderick have arrived with quality fish amongst them

Still plenty of action 

Plenty of action in all areas over the last couple of weeks.

Action a plenty in all areas

Plent of species on the bite at the moment

A few about

Things are starting to warm up with plenty activity in the  lake.

lake on fire but a little patchy outside

Some great fishing but keep you eye out for the Whales


 Great conditions for all styles of fishing last week.

Wallis lake is providing some surprise catch's

Different weather requires a change of plan

Its all happening

Plenty of species on the chew

Lots of variety on offer at the moment

It’s something you’ve got to see for yourself. The night sky in rural Australia is one of the brightest, best and most well-known specialties to behold in the world. Not only that, but it’s free of charge; no entry-fee for an open sky! So grab your favourite people, a blanket, a thermos and a midnight snack and begin your celestial celebration!

‘The food!’ must be one of the top things a traveller reflects upon after any adventure. Travel often offers a myriad of experiences for our tastebuds, good and bad. We discover entirely new foods and combinations we may not have previously thought possible.

Still a lot of fish about.

The warm current has arrived with plenty of travellers

Piscatorial bliss in Forster at the moment

Less traffic more fish

Run down on whats biting in Forster

What to expect around the Christmas break

Mixed bags last week

Lots of alternative targets

Whats been happening fishing wise!

A run down on the weeks fishing

Fishing last week

A run down on this weeks fishing

This weeks fishing report

This weeks run down on some quality fish

Run down of what has been on the bite


This weeks fishing.

plenty on the bite at the moment

The annual Jeff Wilcox Memorial body boarding competition is an event which attracts only the best body boarders from around the world. 

A variety of activities to keep you on the hop this month

Run down of the weeks fishing

Lots of opportunities

A run down on what's biting.

Picture this... 


A short note on whats around

It's Whale time!

A bag of over 5kilo takes the lollies

Latest Forster Bets Round/Plenty of fish

Up and Running Club Championships

Hobbie Kayak latest Forster Round, plenty of fish

Pretty close to perfect

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