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Evans Head Fishing Classic starts this Friday!  

This Friday kicks off the 20th Annual Evans Head Fishing Classic which runs for a week.  We have 60+ sites checking in consisting mainly of guys getting away for a blokes week for some fishing.  We have some guests that bring their pride and joys in small and some very large boats for that extra bit of fun.  Reflections Holiday Parks North Coast is a Gold Sponsor of the event and they also provide each participant with a drawstring bag to hold all of their fishing goodies. 


Everyone arrives this Friday to register and then they all hit the water early Saturday morning.  Each evening they all finish the day at the RSL for weigh in and drinkies.  Our first fishing classic here in 2011 we were getting so many after hours calls each evening because the power kept shorting.  You see, when the formal part of each evening is over many of the park guests all seem to arrive back to their sites at the same time and turn on their lights etc which caused major problems.  So after some consultation with our electrician we were well prepared for the next years classic and no more after hours calls for us!   


Last year, Adrian and I were lucky enough to have the night off (scored a babysitter for Harley) and attend the closing night celebrations on the last Friday of the event.  Well, there was no celebrating for us as we didn’t score the major prize, or any prize for that matter.  We also had to sit out in the freezing cold to try our luck but it was great to get out for the evening.   


Hopefully this week the sun will be shining and warm evenings for all to enjoy.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for pics and updates.   

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