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The Mullum2Bruns was held on Sunday and as always it was a fantastic event for three really good causes, read more in the blog

The Mullum2Bruns paddle was held on Sunday and this year I was again lucky enough to go on the media boat and was also on hand to help judge the winners of the Reflections Holiday Parks North Coast best dressed craft.  It was such a pleasure to be on the boat and travel down the beautiful Brunswick River, as you all know it can be quite a sight early in the morning.

It was amazing to be amongst and watch all different types of people from different walks of life.  There were people on Stand up paddleboards, kayaks and even some blow up contraptions.  I must say that I did feel sorry for some of them while I was relaxing and taking lots of pictures while they worked hard to get to the finish line.

If you would like to see some of the photos click here to go to our facebook page 

Of course one of my favourite part of the race was going past our park, Ferry Reserve Holiday Park ;)

At the end of the paddle there were lots of tired people but also very proud paddlers who put in all the effort to paddle the 11kms down from Mullumbimby to Brunswick Heads.  Seeing all of them have fun was well worth getting up early ;)

Who knows maybe next year I can take photos while I am paddling up the river on my SUP instead of the media boat, Matt wanted me to do it this year but I have only had my board for a month or so....... Watch this space next year, maybe I will be taking pictures of the media boat from the river.  Stace xxx

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