Benefits of using a UHF when travelling


Do you have a UHF? If not it may be worth considering for your travels. Why you ask?


Below are a few reasons a UHF can be of benefit to you when traveling smile

Talk to other travellers – If you’re on the road travelling, particularly when you are travelling in a large group, these devices are a cost effective way of communication with fellow members. They allow you to easily get in touch with everybody in your party.

Communicate in the event of a breakdown – No one expects their vehicle to suddenly break down, but sadly it can happen to anybody. Whether it’s a miscalculated fuel allowance, flat tyre, or serious engine problems. They are extremely useful, especially where there is no mobile signal.

Talk to truckies with ease – If you’re considering a trip into Australia’s outback, then these devices are vital for outback communications. Apart from the entertainment value, they can be used to get in touch with truckies when you are in the outback

Knowledge of the road ahead – Truck drivers make it their job to know what is happening on the road. The traffic hazards ahead, accidents on the road, or any roadwork’s or detours, will all be communicated on their radios.

Warn other road uses of hazards ahead – In return you could also communicate accidents or other road hazards to other travelers or truckies of the dangers that may be on the road. Dead animals or livestock, rain affected or slippery roads. Or maybe you may have a problem of your own, like you have lost your safety chain, and you have to drive slowly.

Channels to follow when travelling are listed below-

The Trucking Channels in Australia – The truckies of Australia use channel 40. As long as you are not having a 30 min conversation on that channel they don’t mind travelers using it

Caravan Channels in Australia – Channel 18 is the caravan channel

Emergency Channels in Australia – The Australian Government has governed channels 5 & 35 on the UHF CB Band are reserved for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. Don’t use this channel for any other purpose, other than listening for emergencies or to report an emergency. Large fines do apply for miss use of the channel.

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