Café Marius


When in Lennox, I wouldn’t eat anywhere else!

When it comes to food, I am usually afraid to try new things. But once you welcome South Americans into the family you cannot help but be curious to try something different. I have previously not known a lot about food from Latin America, all that has changed now that I have discovered Café Marius. 

Marius is very well planned. By day they are a unique yet contemporary café for you to enjoy a meal, coffee or milkshake (their milkshakes are to die for), walk in off the beach, take a seat, enjoy. By night Marius is a tapas bar, with a whole new atmosphere, dress up, take a table and enjoy the evening eating amazing tapas.

Each time I visit my partner will make my order. Being Venezuelan he grew up eating this type of food, he knows exactly what to order. Each time I absolutely love what is placed in front of me.

My favourite meals so far are:

“Benny Bonito” – a latin twist on the breakfast favourite eggs benedict.

“Matador” – basically an extremely tasty omelette.

“Tacos De Pollo” – pollo meaning chicken, chicken tacos, amazing!

Marius is now at the top of my list of favourite places to eat. When you come and stay with us here at Shaws Bay this weekend I really want you to go there too. If you do, come into the office and tell me what you think!

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