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I am going to do something a little different for my blog this week. I would usually post about a business, restaurant or must see location, but today I want to tell you a story…

John and Julie live in Victoria. Their daughter lives in Queensland. They were making the long drive for a visit a few weeks ago.  I first met John and Julie, whilst I was working at reception here at Shaws Bay and they booked a powered site for the evening.

When I offered John and Julie and Road Tripper Card they politely declined, saying that they don’t often travel so a loyalty program isn’t needed. I insisted that John and Julie take a Road Tripper Card. It is FREE after all.

Away John and Julie went with their new card…

Skip forward about two weeks, I am sitting in the office replying to emails and John and Julie walk in the door!

“Hello, nice to see you again, how can I help you today?”

“We would like a powered site for two nights and we are hoping to redeem our FREE NIGHT with the Road Tripper promotion” Julie said with a smile.

I couldn’t believe it, John and Julie were adamant they weren’t big travellers, but here they were telling me stories about how they kept coming across Reflections Holiday Parks North Coast as they travelled up and back from visiting their daughter and so they stayed and kept gathering stamps on their loyalty card.

I processed their free night and checked them into a site…

“I told you that you would want to take Road Tripper Card”, I joked. 

The moral to the story is our Road Tripper Program is awesome. I highly recommend that everyone who walks in the door of a North Coast Park should take a Road Tripper card. Leave it in the car or caravan and get it stamped each time you stay, that free night will be upon you in no time!

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