Top national parks in NSW near our holiday parks


Australia is a country renowned for its natural beauty and national parks. Our national parks can’t be used for farming, real estate or anything else that disturbs natural habitat. National parks are a haven for anyone who needs to escape the rat race. New South Wales alone has hundreds of national parks and natural places, so a list of just a few awesome ones is pretty hard to narrow down. Here’s a few to get you started, and they’re reasonably close to some of our holiday parks, some with some really fantastic names and things to do within.  

North Coast

Booti Booti National Park

Booti Booti should be at the top of your list for national parks for many reason, probably the first being its fantastic name. The Aboriginals in the area of the park are called the Worimi people, and their word “butibuti” means “plenty of honey”. An appropriate translation when you realise the sweet opportunities here. From camping to picnics to walking trails to hiking, this park is an eight kilometer Peninsula with beaches and rainforests!

Bongil Bongil National Park

As we continue exploring the North Coast, we figured we’d stick to the repetitive B theme. Bongil Bongil National Park is located close to Coffs Harbour, and it’s the beach holiday destination. Heaps of koalas call Bongil Bongil National Park home, as do migratory birds. It’s also a top location for mountain bike quests! Like Booti Booti, Bongil Bongil also come from an Aboriginal language. Bongil Bongil translates to “a place where one stays for a long time because of the abundance of food”. You’ll have an abundance of fun here, that’s for sure!


Conimbla National Park
Just an hour-and-half drive from Wyangala Waters Holiday Caravan Park is Conimbla National Park. This park a great place to birdwatch, bushwalk and look for wildlife. Here you’ll find the endangered pygmie possums, squirrel gliders and Australian classics like kangaroos. Over 150 different species of birds have been spotted at Conimbla National Park including the little eagle, the glossy black-cockatoo and many kinds of honeyeaters and robins. The nature is stunning as well, from the waterfalls which have formed along creek lines to a range of orchid flowers growing. According to their website,”With limited visitors to this huge, untapped natural place, you can sometimes find that you have the entire 7,965ha of park entirely to yourself.”

South Coast

Gulaga National Park
A quick half hour drive from Bermagui’s holiday park is Gulaga National Park. This area is great for its views, and also it’s known for its spiritual significance to local Aboriginal women. In 2006 the park was handed back to its traditional Aboriginal owners in a historic agreement signed by the NSW Environment Minister and the Yuin people. Mount Gulaga, formerly known as Mount Dromedary is a mother figure to indigenous people; Mount Dromedary also happened to be an active volcano 60 million years ago!

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