What to bring to a national park for a safe and immersive experience


Nothing is better than a day in nature, especially when you’re exploring one of Australia’s 500- something stunning national parks. We have covered everything you could possibly need on your daytrip to paradise.


Natural state of mind

Before we get into the practicalities, remember when you visit a national park to bring a spirit of adventure, a positive attitude and a clear head. A big breakfast and an early start are also probably good ideas to make the most of your day away from civilization.


Get your gear

Good hiking boots and long trousers are important to protect you against any plants or creatures that you might brush up against as you journey out into the wild. Don’t forget a hat and sunnies to protect you from those lovely but damaging UV rays.


Sips and snacks

Heading out into a national park for a day is usually an exhilarating rush, but don’t get so excited in your tracking that you forget the necessities that keep you going! Particularly during Australian summers, drinking lots of water is crucial and temperatures can easily get above 35 degrees (Celsius). Sultanas and peanuts are a classic snack with plenty of fats, natural sugars and proteins to keep you energized. Don’t forget a few sandwiches, muesli bars and fruit if you plan to make it a solid day of hiking.


Get lost in the moment… but not literally

You need not be a master at orienteering to go exploring in a national park, however it’s probably a good idea to have a map and a compass. If you’re heading out on your own let a few people know where you’re going too.


Environmental accessories

Depending on your fitness level and the terrain you’re tracking, you may or may not need a walking stick. But let’s be honest, walking sticks can give a nice bush-tucker-man vibe to your journey. Bring a walking stick or keep a look out for a sturdy stick along trail. Bring binoculars as well if you want to birdwatch or investigate an interesting view. A book to identify the flora and fauna around might also come in handy, but don’t get carried away. Hiking with a heavy load can sometimes put a damper on the experience. Don’t forget a sturdy, comfortable, waterproof knapsack for all your goods!


Document your day

Remember the old saying “take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints” and bring your camera. Try not to worry how your photos will turn out on social media. Snap a few for yourself to remember the moment, and keep walking. Taking a break at a lookout point is an excellent time to reflect and write. Get inspired by surroundings and let your creativity loose!

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